Tuesday, September 6, 2011


You may have anything you want,
unless it's something you need.
Or, something you think you need,
along with want you want.

Having been satisfied
with eating green grapes,
I fully realize it's much,
much too late to take it all back.

Indignant, are we?

Suffice it to say, each dog has its day,
or days, depending on whose balls it licks.

This will all be misconstrued
as some elaborate joke, unless
you have no taste for the finer things

I have been wound a little too tight,
which reflects badly on my bad posture,
and the fact I have no clean underwear.

Everything is in jeopardy.

Jovial fools all; thought they could walk
before they could crawl.
Ending up in congress to screw us all.

I'm a three toed devil,
and I've eaten all the green grapes.

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