Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It's a load of crap.
All of it.
From the preachers
standing at their pulpits
promising salvation,
to  the politicians telling us
to kiss their sweet ass
because their sweet asses
are in a special class.
Pass the collections plate.
The more we pour into those
collection plates
the better our chances at
those pearly gates.
Souls bought and paid for
with a few dollars
most of us can ill afford.
Don't be cheap now,
or you'll be eating grass
and kissing the devil's ass.
Then, there are those politicians
standing up there
at the million dollars podiums,
doing their best to impress
all those young female voters;
fucking as many as they can
while their wives
look the other way, pretending.........
Politicians not troubled, at all,
about the sad state of affairs
this country is in, while
so many of their people
are living out of garbage cans.
we, the people, are damn angry,
and the politicians don't give a damn!
Well, they can take my vote
and stick in up their sweet ass!