Wednesday, November 23, 2011


looking back,
he saw his tail on fire.
it's as if she
is on the second page
and he's on the last page,
and they have passed
each other
in the twilight
of their passing years,
further complicating
all those brilliant
by all those dead prophets
that never seem
to stay dead;
always there
haunting our memories.
and careful
not to pass judgment
too quickly,
as this game
we so desperately play
has no end game;
has no pass go.
and the circle we're on
will never let us off.
only make us dizzy
and doubt
our own sanity.
something to do
with gravitational pull.


  1. and the circle we're on
    will never let us off

    But would we want it to?

  2. Your question inspired my next post. Thank you, Miss Jinksy.