Saturday, November 12, 2011


She threw me
           to the dogs,
but the dogs
         threw me back.
          she threw me
to the hogs.

Even the hogs
           threw me back

In desperation,
     she tied me in a sack
and hauled me,

kicking and screaming,

         to wal-mart,
and left me hanging

            on a rack
in the clearance isle.

She needs to smile more.

I carry my dreams in a paper basket.
avoiding rain, but never pain.

it is my pain, and I treat my pain
as a member of the family

and I treat my insanity famously 

and I keep my pain, and my insanity
close to my heart for protection

and I keep my heart close to home
to keep it from getting lost
in all that ugly haze drifting, drifting
and my life drifting, drifting

like it was wishing it was
like was wishing forever
was a slow boat
to that special place
where dawn and dusk
mix together
to make
a perfect soup

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