Sunday, December 11, 2011


to achieve inner peace,
one must first rid themselves
of all previous brain-washing,
mind warping entities,
and learn to think,
to reason for ourselves,
and then realize full potential
of a brain free to roam
all those previously
locked doors we
have been forbidden
to open.

lets open our minds
and let in some fresh air.

it was such an arrogant Sunday
to refuse Monday
it's right to follow Sunday
into a weakly prepared week.

it's all so useless, it seems;
as if anyone should know
what the hell any of this means.

everyone wants to know
the color of  my cream.
i tell them to look
between my seams,
and then, dream.

a stitch in time, as they say.
well, maybe they don't say
who's to say?

go ahead, have it your way,
but either way, its not the highway.

feel free to scream!
helps me dream.


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