Thursday, April 19, 2012


Bukowski said it best
when Bukowski said:

"sometime you just have to pee in the sink"


probably the worst influence
anyone could have.
yet, at the same time,
a rare sort of genius emerges
from within his pickled brain
that many writers envy.

not saying all writers need
alcohol soaked brains to write
insanely. some of us come 
by our insanity naturally
without chemical aides.

born into it, you may so, or not.
it stand to reason
there never will be
the likes of Bukowski
coming down the pike
anytime soon, anyway.

but we are fortunate to have
his genius to drive the sane
insane, and the insane sane.
least we pickle our own brains
and lie naked in the rain.

No, I've never peed in the sink. 
its on my list of things to do,
but not on my top ten list.

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