Friday, May 25, 2012


how odd it seems
to wake one day
and discover
i thought was right
was truly wrong.

and the songs
i sang were
someone else's songs.

and now it seems
i'm dreaming
someone else's dreams.

and i don't have a clue
what all of this means,
but it makes me mean.

and i mean to say,
i better not find you
in one of my dreams!

and if i do,
i sure as  hell will teach you
new ways to scream!

between the ancient myths of yesteryear
and the great promise of tomorrow.

but the blood of many flows here,

washing away the great promise of tomorrow.

then, a great misery did wake,
and it did strike out among the populace
to enslave all its children,

and destroy forever the great promise of tomorrow.

as the politicians dig themselves in deeper,
             and the rest of us scurry around
           in an attempt to survive,
the world prepares to dump the entire mess
                                                    back to the stone age.     


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