Tuesday, May 22, 2012


a politician
is a person
who can stand
in a crowd,
pass gas
and make 
the crowd
they did it. 

as the centuries rumble along,
and man sings his mournful song,
the man on the corner
holds out his hand
as we sit at our dinner tables,
and we don't see beyond our plates.

fresh  apple pie, anyone?

perhaps love is something other
perhaps the dag ate the cat
perhaps the pig is a cow in drag
perhaps I'm crazy
perhaps you're just plain nuts
do you see where this is going?
perhaps you're just a ghost
perhaps it's the need for speed, or greed
perhaps, perhaps is just perhaps, or happenstance
do you smoke weed?
perhaps you'll buy me new shoes
perhaps all of this is all for naught
do you think you'll ever be caught?
perhaps I'll cut you some slack, or scratch your back
perhaps I'll shove your head in a sack
do you think you'll like that?
perhaps, perhaps is getting on my nerves
perhaps tomorrow I'll be singing the blues
perhaps tomorrow you'll be in the news
do you have any loose screws?
perhaps I'll blow in your ear
perhaps I'm the one you fear

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