Thursday, May 3, 2012


the problem with hell,
one can never tell
where it all stops
and where it all starts

and why the hell
anyone should even care

and if each of us
will have a fair share

and those bare-assed liars
who were kicked out of hell
for not paying their fair share

to say nothing of those
hairy butt bears
that sell life insurance
to those bare-assed liars

not that anyone cares
i know i sure as hell don't
do you?

but pay your taxes!
I need my share!

all this crap they call justice.

all those beautiful women
talking down
to all us ugly men

its all those party towns
where all the lovin'
will be found

and here I is, an ugly clown
making my way
the ugly side of town


war brings out the warriors
and the avengers
and has absolutely nothing to do
with getting my lawn moved,
or the door fixed,
or getting my old truck washed.

and if I had any ambition,
I would get up from this chair
and get the lawn mowed,
the door fixed
and my old truck washed.

fortunately, I have not ambition
so I will sit here writing
meaningless drivel until she
comes home to kick my ass
for not having the lawn mowed,
or the door fixed.

she doesn't care about my old truck.

many a husband has given his life
to angry wife with a kitchen knife

slice and dice, mama.

measure once
cut three or four times

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