Monday, May 28, 2012


there are those
who would love
to kick my ass.

and there are those
who would love
to steal my stash.

cash and carry:
i would love
to pick her berries.

but she has no berries,
only cash,
and keeps that cash
firmly in her grasp!

maybe I'll try some
smash and grab
and suck up
some of her berries.

merry, merry,
quite contrary,
how do you berries grow?


it comes upon us quietly
to listen to our fears.
moving ever so slowly;
sometimes taking years.

problems define our rights;
reason for us to belong;
a tumbling of souls in the night;
problems defining right from wrong.

such is a fool
to walk beside a problem dark,
and use for a tool;
residing its soul to the dark.

as any pimple knows
its best look
is on the nose
where best it shows

a solitary seagull cries
an old man sighs 
his life slipping by

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