Saturday, June 2, 2012


what the hell
did i think i was doing,
while screwing the pooch
while the moose ran loose?

There should be more,
much more to thinking
than chasing some lame brain,
hap-hazard loose moose
across a screwed up pooch
where the porch meets the street.

and not just any old street;
a dead end street where
several houses meet
to discuss taxes and rent.

It's a damned good bet
that stupid moose
don't pay no rent!

if i can't afford to pay attention,
how the hell can i pay the rent?

and the stink gets real bad
when the moose is soaking wet!

and now we find, the stupid
lame brain moose
can't even pay the vet!

no official explanation
who the hell cares?
what's to explain?
planned parenthood?
Robin Hood?
where Lincoln stood?

get the hell out of here!
catch a southbound train!

brain-dead weasels on parade.


a day inside another day.
unlike any other day.
except to say,
it's a throw away day.

a new day won't wait,
or even hesitate,
before it becomes
a day to celebrate.

there's something in the tea
that makes me act this way.
don't try to make any sense
of anything I have to say.

i was born this way;
slightly left of center.
but lately,
I've been feeling better.

do you have any doughnuts?
I need a doughnut.

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