Friday, July 13, 2012


why can't I ever be
the guy that can
instead of the man
with hat in hand
the man I never am
never meant to be

i see you are
what i'd like to be

i think i hate you
but i'm not sure, yet
i'll get back to you on that

i love your hat 

chicken tracks tracking back
from the room on the right,
followed by turkey tracks,
followed by tracks
yet to be identified.

now comes a beggar
with a meal in sight.
there may well be a fight
between chicken
and turkey rights.

be not dismayed,
the moon is out bright.

women make good wives, but not very good pets.

she has a mean streak.
I do too.
but not as mean
as her mean streak.

I sleep carefully.
sometimes, both eyes open;
on the color 
of her mean streak
just before she strikes.

I have noticed my poetry
is starting to look
much like his poetry,
and that
disturbs me, greatly!

another thing,
disturbing me greatly,
is the way
she's looking at me
right now.

I may not sleep
at all
this night!

I have a knife,
but she has a gun.

don't have much of a chance, do I?

I gave up being smart when they set the standard to damned high!

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