Tuesday, July 17, 2012


cute, but can he hum 
without a tongue
and a carrot nose
that has no holes?
poor guy's life
really blows

politics has become cancerous 
eating through our nervous systems
certain to bring us all down
turning us all into clowns

random shots of nothing
bless the pigs
the pigs know everything
worth knowing
I know as much as I know
much more than I knew
and I have a tit in the ringer
and I have pork for dinner
but i ain't no sinner

gangsters and pranksters
is all it takes for a party
around here these days
and a party is the last thing we
need around here these days

having discussed this with
the powers that be
and the birds and the bees
we now have a much better

understanding of what could
and what could not be
or what should be
for that matter, and nothing

seems to matter around here
and will probably matter even less
as hair grows over our eyes
and our pants fill with uncertainties

this poem seems to be
getting a little out of hand
and one hand holds a thought
and the other hand hold an idea
and its time for a bath and shampoo

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