Saturday, July 28, 2012


i gave birth
to this humongous turd

three pounder!

beautiful piece of work!
my crowning achievement!
a life time
of moaning and groaning
for this one special moment

one don't flush
something this beautiful

one mounts it
on a shelf
for all the world to admire

if this were to be
an Olympic event,
this would be the gold!

i can't help myself
but sit and stare, and stare

proud, is what i am
so damned proud

one can only dream
and then, plop
there it is
in all it's splendor 

and it's mine!
i did this!

history in the making

love is a three pound turd

i  think i might cry.....

history is all crap
it keeps sneaking up
behind us
and stabs us in the back.

history never takes it back.
and history never steps back.

"Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech."

Martin Fraquhar Tupper 

I recommend everyone
jump start their heart
at least once before they die.

and once or twice
after we die. 

and, by all means,
tale a walk, at least once,
on the wild side.

six times as many
how many times
is six too many
six times six too many
now we're talkin'
throw another six
into the mix
shake well
do not stir 
and six more
now we do a little jig
a sixty something jig
but only simple six jig
dance and jig
six times more
before we crumble
to the floor

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