Monday, July 16, 2012


People sleep peacefully in their beds at night
only because rough men stand ready to visit
violence on those who would do them harm.

George Orwell

wilts I am,
or wilts I'm not,
all depends upon
whether the boat will float.

I hope you're taking notes.

you're probably right;
I could use a coach.

let's do lunch

her boy friend
my girl friend
and friends of friends
we haven't met yet
and all our dried up
mundane lives
all wrapped up 
in pretty
bows and ribbons
stick it all in a box
return to sender
knowing damn well
there is no 
return policy
no, no one will accept
that which is
we passed
except, possibly
those of us
behind that
greenish  door
wishing all of this
to pass us by
while our friends
lay dying, dying.........

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