Wednesday, July 4, 2012


in the beginning
there was a chicken
and there was an egg

then, the chicken

broke the egg
so then,
there was only a chicken

but then, something
that eats chickens
came along
and ate the chicken

That's it.
ain't no more.

I'm sorry.
I wish there were more.

here's some flowers
hope you feel better

hope these flowers
give you a leg up

its all old news
until someone blow their nose
and make all the old news new

can we count on you
for a donation
to make the old zoo new

and a can of new blue paint
to paint the sky
an absolute new sky blue


well, its good to know, you know,
how dirt and sky mix,
and how the old man
can't pay his rent
after a life time of pitching shit,
digging ditches
and building fences
that never seem to fit.
and now the sky has turned red
by proxy, and news at eleven
talks about dead not paying 
their fair share.
and now taxes are due
on the shit, ditches, and fence.