Friday, July 6, 2012


mythology explains:
we kiss the moon,
but only hug the stars.
except for those of us
hanging out in bars.

star light
star bright
which star
will I hug tonight

do i have it right?
is this the night?
well then, sleep tight.


there are two billion,
seven hundred and sixty
three million, and hundred
and forty two stars;
give or take two trillion.

Bukowski didn't like stars.
don't know he ever wrote about stars.
that's why I stayed up all last night
and counted stars,
just to piss Bukowski off.

yes, I know Bukowski is dead.
but, just in case he's watching
from up there among all those stars;
stars, stars, stars Bukowski!

ya, you're probably right;
he's down there shoveling coal.

well, hell, doesn't that just blow!

constantly reading
as if in search of a great mystery.
maybe I'm the mystery
and the search should stop
right here with me

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