Wednesday, July 4, 2012


she said 
i had to pay for it.
but I was only there
for lunch.
and to touch?
well, we won't go there.
so much trouble I'm in.
some would think
to look is a sin.
and those that only grin,
never do get in.
then she says,
where the hell have you been?
i say I've down in the cellar
drinking polluted gin.
well, that sure as hell
made her grin!

here she comes again!

time will erase everything
that's the beauty of it
that's worth living for

have you ever asked yourself why,
but didn't answer
because you knew it would be a lie?

wherever good ides
may be found
there'll always be
a pack of rats
ready to attack
their nuts
dragging on the ground
their tails ablaze
follow the leader

we are such cute kids
then we grow up
grow into people
completely irrelevant
of changing times
ghostly imagines 
no one can define

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