Monday, July 2, 2012


when she gets home
she gonna spank Hank

it's a game they play

when Hank's been away

Hank shouldn't stray

she keeps secrets 
in her secret places
where I sneak peeks
every 2 or 3 weeks
depending on my schedule
I've always been
a sneak freak

excuse me while I take a leak
please, don't peek

well, ain't this a fine load
of premium bullshit!
what the hell is nothingness,
but nothing much of anything.

nothingness, four floors below 
most of everything.
writers throw "ness" on the end
of most any old word
and think they've created genius-ness,
expecting us, the lowly reader,
to fall down and kiss their feet!

then, they toss in "transcendent metaphysics"
and think we should honor them
with a blow job, and a path
to ancient chronological patterns. 

spidery growths
under my nose
between my toes
welcome home spider
come on in
I'll light a fire
we'll kindle
an old flame
share some rain
a little pain
our lost youth
escape from
a raped ape 
in organic ecstasy
climb a tree
and pee
climb a ladder
and empty
our bladder
eat rice cakes
a fatten lamb

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