Sunday, July 1, 2012


that's all there is to it

we should all grow beards
women too

is this something everybody knew?

or something nobody knew?

I'll leave it up to you

okay, then
back to you 

there must be something 

for you to do
besides sitting around
reading this crap

get a job!

It is until it isn't

just read:
"normal being a relative term."
whoever wrote this is full of it;
right up to their pubic area, at least.

normal stands alone.
it's either normal, or not normal.

now, normality is a relative,
and has many related relatives
as far back as those
infamous cave days
where men clubbed women
and drug them around
for show and tell.

if only we could go back............

while normality may appear pleasingly enough,
we should be aware it stinks close up.

normality resents normalcy
for its lackluster preforming arts program,
and normal's ability to remain normal
while normality and normalcy
pull down each other's pants and spit,
and normal's unwillingness to spit.

should this be a surprise? why?

normal stands erect, pants up,
while normality and normalcy
scrub each other's backs,
and jab each other in the ass
with meat forks, tongues 
twisting abnormally.

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