Friday, July 6, 2012


we thought about it
wrote about it
sold it to a farmer
who fed it to his pigs
none of his pigs
died from it
but their nuts fell off
but with the farmer's gentle touch
didn't hurt so much
nuts for lunch

there is this quote by Bukowski
that goes;
"sometimes you just have to pee in the sink"
for whatever reason
this quote pops into my head at 3 am,
when I'm on my way to the head,
and I think:
will it be the sink this time?
and if she catches me,
will she blister my behind?
would she really be so unkind?
would she beat me blind?
or finger me from behind?

a paradise of some such
as crows eat dead people for lunch
and cockroaches eat dead crows

 mountains fall victim and crumble
due to their own size and weight
and the gods watch and wait

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