Friday, August 31, 2012


stick it, lick it
give it a name
buy it a ticket
on the 509 train

what's wrong with you?
do you not have a brain?

derailed or impaled
it's still a great game.

insanity reigns

who the  hell needs a brain?

"A husband is what is left of the lover after the nerve has been extracted."

Helen Rowland (1976-1950)

I'm a dog's man, myself
cats scratch,
and cats think
they're god.

now that I've grown old
and have fallen
to the back of the line,
everyone in front of me
I scratch their backs,
and pay their fines.

since when as old age
become a crime?

no, I don't need to learn
another language
in ten days....
twenty days......
thirty days........
a month of days......
I'm fine
living here
in my language.
and if you feel the need
to talk to me,
learn my language.
if you can't live with that,
well, I guess that's that. 

i see you're getting fat.

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