Friday, August 3, 2012


there comes a time
but not all the time
in all of our lives
when one needs 
to sit down
take off their shoes
take of their socks
and count their toes

one never knows.

this pounding
in my head
and those voices
maybe I'm dead
or something hiding 
under the bed
or something
the wife said

I'm just another dog
searching for a bone

how does one hang onto hope
when the dog won't phone home?

another stupid poem
but I'm not alone

I'm home and have a bone

"I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known."

Walt Disney (1901-1966)

those, so called
good old days,
where there was nothing
at all, good
about those good old

call me crazy.
call me whimsical.
don't call me
nothing, at all.

just let me fall,
and lie here
on this cold desolate
of good old days,

and I shall scream
murder plus
of the good old days,
burning memories

no longer affordable
those like I
of good old days,

so long ago,
so empty and gone.

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