Friday, November 30, 2012


silence is an illusion
beauty non repentant 
salvation; patience 
all consuming oddity

Robert Bly Quotes

she needs a good spanking,
but it probably
wouldn't do much good,
and she'd always
be looking for ways
to get spanked.

should not be enjoyable
should it?

do you enjoy spankings?

a nose knows what a nose knows.
knowing this,
what more is there to know?
accepting what a nose knows
is much the same
as not knowing how to blow
a nose full of notes.
and now the nose
is smelling wheat and oats.
but now, the nose is angry
and is blowing stale wind
through spaghetti-o's
lining bedroom walls.

ah, politics, what a devious mad monster you are!

I lost my head,
but she found it.
with a little glue,
I'll be good as new. 

Friday, November 23, 2012


early in the day,
every other fourth day,
i go out in the day
and give the day
the finger.

that's how i start
every other fourth,
or fifth, day.

but, after some breakfast,
and a nap,
i go back outside
in whichever day,
and apologize to today.

except for my birthday.
don't go out, at all, that day. 

i never have much to say.
anyways, it sound better
when i say it with my finger

symphony in black;
as if symphony
had even the slightest
of chances
making beautiful music
in the blackest
of an old Cadillac 

of course
the second mouse
gets the cheese.

the first mouse
gets the squeeze

oh joy, oh joy
mama's got
a new love toy

oh boy, oh boy!

"it would not hurt that we live our lives with childlike wonder.
Have you asked yourself lately:
"When was the last time I saw something for the first time?"

Cecilia Borromeo

facing the possibility
of facing the past
without the possibility
of relieving the gas
to blow everything apart
leaving the future
and past
with possibilities
being lost forever
in a cloud of toxic gas

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


enough about me.
how about you?
how are you?
how have you been?
will you be staying long?
let's do lunch, dinner.
you're looking good.
really, really good.
heard you got married.
he's a lucky guy.
really, really lucky guy.
really nice to see you again,
after all these years.

goodbye now.

it should have been easy,
but it was never easy.

but we keep saying
it should be easy,
or at least easier.

which is easy to say,
but never ever easy

the only thing easy,
easy to do,
is only done once.

then, we sleep,
and dream
how so very easy
it was to do.

the middle finger is a salute to failure.

what does a chicken know of pizza?

every time 
I start to feel better,
think I'm getting better,
damned world rears up
and bites me on the ass!

and now, I've got gas!

maybe I'll beat myself
with a hammer.

maybe I'll screw a porcupine.

so many maybes 
and not a maybe
to fit every situation.

maybe every situation
does not require a maybe.
or maybe i'm crazy.
that's the easiest answer.

must I bust a gut
for your lust
for nuts and bolts?

should you not
be taking notes?

some days I wake up a genius
most days I let her sleep
and, yes, I am that weak
but, you see its piece I seek
beneath those forbidden sheets
where organic dreams
make my knees so damned weak
and walking the plank
is the best way to be spanked

Sunday, November 4, 2012


oh, crap in a hand basket.
will enough ever be enough?

chock it up to tough love,
or lack there of.

ready to pull the plug!

yes, insanity can be a friend.
just needs to be watered down,
given some culture
and maybe a shot of rye
to wash out the stains.

if there are no stains,
just paint the damned thing red,
and send it to bed with no supper.

she said she didn't know.
I didn't know, either, I said.
but it was how I said it
that made her face turn red.

she said I could have said it better.
but I said I had an empty head.
yes, she said, and your ass 
is made of lead.
yes, I said, but I'm not dead.

not yet, she said. 

pleasantly plump?
Oh, my, I certainly am.
love handles?
oh, you'd love
to squeeze me.

have you ever slept
with a teddy bear?
this is your chance, babe.
come sleep with me. 

oh, wee, wee, wee. 

"Remember that whatever energy you put out there will go back to you."

Cecilia Borromeo 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


and you know
it was all of bullshit 
and not one second more
as one brave man
stood up
and slammed shut the door

now we know
ugly won't face death
while one brave man
stands guard the door

we are until
some tells us we're not
so we start all over
with a jump-start
and a fart
and start the world ablaze
with all that we are

well, four hours ago
I was four hours younger
than I am right now.

and right now,
I'm four hours older
than I was
four hours ago.

that's all I need to know
for right now.
besides, its my turn
to milk the cow.