Friday, November 30, 2012


silence is an illusion
beauty non repentant 
salvation; patience 
all consuming oddity

Robert Bly Quotes

she needs a good spanking,
but it probably
wouldn't do much good,
and she'd always
be looking for ways
to get spanked.

should not be enjoyable
should it?

do you enjoy spankings?

a nose knows what a nose knows.
knowing this,
what more is there to know?
accepting what a nose knows
is much the same
as not knowing how to blow
a nose full of notes.
and now the nose
is smelling wheat and oats.
but now, the nose is angry
and is blowing stale wind
through spaghetti-o's
lining bedroom walls.

ah, politics, what a devious mad monster you are!

I lost my head,
but she found it.
with a little glue,
I'll be good as new. 

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