Sunday, November 4, 2012


oh, crap in a hand basket.
will enough ever be enough?

chock it up to tough love,
or lack there of.

ready to pull the plug!

yes, insanity can be a friend.
just needs to be watered down,
given some culture
and maybe a shot of rye
to wash out the stains.

if there are no stains,
just paint the damned thing red,
and send it to bed with no supper.

she said she didn't know.
I didn't know, either, I said.
but it was how I said it
that made her face turn red.

she said I could have said it better.
but I said I had an empty head.
yes, she said, and your ass 
is made of lead.
yes, I said, but I'm not dead.

not yet, she said. 

pleasantly plump?
Oh, my, I certainly am.
love handles?
oh, you'd love
to squeeze me.

have you ever slept
with a teddy bear?
this is your chance, babe.
come sleep with me. 

oh, wee, wee, wee. 

"Remember that whatever energy you put out there will go back to you."

Cecilia Borromeo 

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