Friday, November 23, 2012


early in the day,
every other fourth day,
i go out in the day
and give the day
the finger.

that's how i start
every other fourth,
or fifth, day.

but, after some breakfast,
and a nap,
i go back outside
in whichever day,
and apologize to today.

except for my birthday.
don't go out, at all, that day. 

i never have much to say.
anyways, it sound better
when i say it with my finger

symphony in black;
as if symphony
had even the slightest
of chances
making beautiful music
in the blackest
of an old Cadillac 

of course
the second mouse
gets the cheese.

the first mouse
gets the squeeze

oh joy, oh joy
mama's got
a new love toy

oh boy, oh boy!

"it would not hurt that we live our lives with childlike wonder.
Have you asked yourself lately:
"When was the last time I saw something for the first time?"

Cecilia Borromeo

facing the possibility
of facing the past
without the possibility
of relieving the gas
to blow everything apart
leaving the future
and past
with possibilities
being lost forever
in a cloud of toxic gas


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. well, some of us give. some of us take.
      some of us sleep late and never see it coming.