Tuesday, November 13, 2012


enough about me.
how about you?
how are you?
how have you been?
will you be staying long?
let's do lunch, dinner.
you're looking good.
really, really good.
heard you got married.
he's a lucky guy.
really, really lucky guy.
really nice to see you again,
after all these years.

goodbye now.

it should have been easy,
but it was never easy.

but we keep saying
it should be easy,
or at least easier.

which is easy to say,
but never ever easy

the only thing easy,
easy to do,
is only done once.

then, we sleep,
and dream
how so very easy
it was to do.

the middle finger is a salute to failure.

what does a chicken know of pizza?

every time 
I start to feel better,
think I'm getting better,
damned world rears up
and bites me on the ass!

and now, I've got gas!

maybe I'll beat myself
with a hammer.

maybe I'll screw a porcupine.

so many maybes 
and not a maybe
to fit every situation.

maybe every situation
does not require a maybe.
or maybe i'm crazy.
that's the easiest answer.

must I bust a gut
for your lust
for nuts and bolts?

should you not
be taking notes?

some days I wake up a genius
most days I let her sleep
and, yes, I am that weak
but, you see its piece I seek
beneath those forbidden sheets
where organic dreams
make my knees so damned weak
and walking the plank
is the best way to be spanked

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