Friday, December 28, 2012


okay, let's go over this again
for the umpteenth time.
i am not a writer.
i have never been a writer.

i have no aspirations to become a writer.
i am a poet. that's all, a poet.
writers and poets are not necessarily mutual.
sometimes they are one and the same,
but rarely.

hats off to the writers that are poets,
and poets that are writers;
again, not mutual.

there are lots more poets than writers
every third house has a poet.
about every 100th mile for a writer.
writers have rules, poets have none.

poets roam wherever they wish to roam;
free to be alone, or not to be alone.
there are not rules.

writers cannot understand any of this.
writers need rules, need their backs scratched,
need to be tucked in a night.
need to be assured, and reassured, loved.

poets love, hate in the same breath.
poets smell the same bathed or not.
there are some of us poets who take
great offense being called a writer.

writers don't care what you call them
as long as someone feeds them.
poets work better hungry, anxious.
of course, regardless what you call us poets,
we'll write a poem about it. 

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