Monday, January 28, 2013


wake me up
if you see me coming
that's all he said
and then he was gone

she said, is he coming back?
I said, do i look like a hat rack?

she's coming
I'm coming
the train's coming 
and he's coming back

now she's gone
I'm gone
the train's gone
and he's lying dead
on the train track

get up, she cried
you lied, I cried
there's no where to hide
do you think I'm blind?

she said, call me at eight
I said, don't be late
she said, here he comes again
I said, well, let him in

I'm ugly
but not so ugly
I don't know what's coming

and having been there
I no longer expect
to get my share

and I hear the screaming
and the cursing
and the consistency

but now, I piss freely
mostly on holidays
while she gives me a bath

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