Tuesday, September 24, 2013


love is such a strange affliction.
and I'm a firm believer
a woman's place is in the kitchen.

this should make me lots of friends.
death threats will be ignored.
and, no,she doesn't read this blog;
probably the reason I'm still alive.  

I'll wake up someday 
and find  myself dead
and someone else
sleeping in my bed

and right away I'll question:
if I'm all that dead
could this really be the end
or just the beginning
of just pretend?

and who wet my bed? 

let's just say the dog died
and all the neighborhood cats
went out to celebrate
and were all picked up
for drunkenness
and lewd behavior.

let's just say that,
because, frankly,
ain't much else to say
worth saying, okay? 

well, I suppose I could say:
have a nice day,
or night, depending,
well, you decide. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


ah, yes, we are so decadent
spoilers all
lacking good graces
to be destitute
like so many fools
their heads
stuck firmly
in the sand


we just worked our asses off
to gain what little we have
because we were free to pursue 
those dreams we dare dream

alright! realizing there's 
a pill for this aliment 
doesn't mean I can afford
a beef roast supper!

advantage of smelling good
without the disadvantage
looking dangerously bad

not saying, anything
could, or would smell that bad
but let's just say it could

death is a silent entry to nowhere
against certain suggestions
there is no coming back
death assures us of that

Stolen waters are sweet,
and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.

Proverbs 9:17

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


less than a mountain 
more than a hill
for sex unabated
there's probably a pill

this is dust, not smoke; as seen front our place. 
quarry operation, getting closer and closer!
they call it progress. we call it madness!

sometimes dumb is just dumb
and we shouldn't analysis it to death

Ya, it's past my bedtime, so?

maybe i should just lie.
in time she'll just
forget all about it.

or tell the truth
and take my beating
like the man
I've yet to become.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


those steps that go up
are the same steps
that come back down.

we should think on this
the next time
we feel invincible,

and challenge life
to a staring contest.

how many times does one
need falling off a horse
before admitting
they have no business
getting on a horse?

the horse knows, of course!
my giddy-up got up and got gone...
this was once a sing-along song..