Tuesday, September 24, 2013


love is such a strange affliction.
and I'm a firm believer
a woman's place is in the kitchen.

this should make me lots of friends.
death threats will be ignored.
and, no,she doesn't read this blog;
probably the reason I'm still alive.  

I'll wake up someday 
and find  myself dead
and someone else
sleeping in my bed

and right away I'll question:
if I'm all that dead
could this really be the end
or just the beginning
of just pretend?

and who wet my bed? 

let's just say the dog died
and all the neighborhood cats
went out to celebrate
and were all picked up
for drunkenness
and lewd behavior.

let's just say that,
because, frankly,
ain't much else to say
worth saying, okay? 

well, I suppose I could say:
have a nice day,
or night, depending,
well, you decide. 

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