Friday, October 25, 2013


a mule is a mule
according to the rules
and a fool would choose
according to yesterday's news
at eleven or six
whichever a fool would choose
and is nothing new
to a mule
so says a goose
typically a fool

so, the doc, she says:
you know the routine.
and I do, I do!

so I turn around,
drop my drawers,
bend of the table.

and with a smirk,
here she comes!
jabs a finger in,
all the way to my self conscience,
wiggles it around in there,
and finally pulls it out
with a loud POP!

then, she says:
there's some Kleenex 
if you want to wipe off
some of that grease.

I grab a handful
and whip, whip, whip!
I know she thinks its funny.
I sure as hell don't!

and next year?
Colonoscopy time, again!
oh, and that's so much fun!
really, you gotta try it!

and that stuff they give us to drink
the night before?
oh, you just love that crap!
spend half the night on the pot!
get good and empty!

I don't age well!
no, I surely don't!

well, I lied,
but that's not so usual
as I often times lie
when the truth
just get too damned

and that's the truth,
unabridged and everything. 

and you thought
I was just another
sex driven maniac
hung like a mule.

well, that's just another lie.

because I can't stand
dirty clothes
I don't wear any

yes, I am that guy

you should love me,
I'm worth it. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


And in my best behavior
I am really just like him.
Look beneath the floorboards
for the secrets I have hid.

Sufjan Stevens

"John Wayne Gacy, Jr."

clean up continues
most of snow is gone
dead cattle, horses, sheep
broken trees 
cleanup will continue
through the winter months
well into spring

maybe earth is trying
to tell us something
and we should pay attention
before earth gets really angry
at all man's nonsense 

All theory, dear friend, is gray,
but the golden tree of life
springs ever green.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

after the storm
sky is still blue
life carries on

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


well, I'm boring, but I know that.
and I know lots of things
just like that.

what I don't know,
but would very much like to know,
the favorite color
of women's underwear
women wear.

and I don't have the nerve
going around
pulling down women's pants
to check their underwear
for color content,

and if they were content
in their choice of underwear,
and I believe that's not fair!

women should share
important info such as that,
by explaining to us guys
their choices of underwear.
or even better yet,
transparent pants.

what's wrong with that?

whether we are the hunted or the hunter
is a question to be answered
long before our last breath

life is only a test
whether or not
 we are right with the world
and if the world
should be honest and true
and right for us

writing requires the ability
to see through a word
see through a sentence

visualizing deep inside ourselves 
yet to be discovered 

a purpose gathering
absolution's eternity bequests 

I'm not very good at thinking.
especially thinking things through.
but it's only a problem
if I stop to think about it.
which I never do, so.....

a million miles of perfect blue

an element missing
something out of kilter
with no heart
without a soul
without humanistic form
death is forever
if there is to be life
if there is to be at all
and ever after

Thursday, October 10, 2013



son of a gun!
what a nasty weekend!

4 feet of  snow,
with winds gusting to 70 mph!
50 thousand out of power!

motels full of stranded travelers 
with no food for two days!

this in western South Dakota.
tornadoes in eastern South Dakota.

but, on the brighter side,
Broncos beat the Cowboys
a scoring frenzy.!!!

eye of the storm
crying eye
eye of the eye
i spy eye
give that old evil eye
what eye why i eye

still digging out
from that nasty blizzard
will be days
maybe weeks
'til job is finished
and there will be snow piles
'till next spring


this weekend was bad, very
that big bad nasty blizzard
well, we thought 
maybe this is it
the end
but, then the sun
shone through
and we thought
maybe not the end
snow is melting
and sun is shining
so, who knows what or why
and the birds
the birds still fly by

Sunday, October 6, 2013


into that, oh so good night
a million stars
shining, oh so very bright


winds gusting to 50 and 60 mph
temps dropping, drastically 
air filled with dust, thick  
chocking, blinding dust
dirt drifting across roadways 
no photos taken
won't take a camera
out in that mess!

I don't know.
other than that,
I'm good to go.
thought you should know.

their talking snow.
good, let it snow, rain, or whatever!
anything to chock this dust to death!

he's hiding, so he thinks I can't see him....

our willingness to be sheep
while all around us
wolves gather

its not about money!
its never been about money!

its about that guy
sticking in his thumb
pulling out a plum
when what he wanted 
was a strawberry.

and its about living
that American dream,
without a clue
what that dream entails 

and train rails rusting
in sunlit fields of snow

yes, I love you too.
now, go home.