Thursday, October 10, 2013



son of a gun!
what a nasty weekend!

4 feet of  snow,
with winds gusting to 70 mph!
50 thousand out of power!

motels full of stranded travelers 
with no food for two days!

this in western South Dakota.
tornadoes in eastern South Dakota.

but, on the brighter side,
Broncos beat the Cowboys
a scoring frenzy.!!!

eye of the storm
crying eye
eye of the eye
i spy eye
give that old evil eye
what eye why i eye

still digging out
from that nasty blizzard
will be days
maybe weeks
'til job is finished
and there will be snow piles
'till next spring


this weekend was bad, very
that big bad nasty blizzard
well, we thought 
maybe this is it
the end
but, then the sun
shone through
and we thought
maybe not the end
snow is melting
and sun is shining
so, who knows what or why
and the birds
the birds still fly by

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