Friday, October 25, 2013


a mule is a mule
according to the rules
and a fool would choose
according to yesterday's news
at eleven or six
whichever a fool would choose
and is nothing new
to a mule
so says a goose
typically a fool

so, the doc, she says:
you know the routine.
and I do, I do!

so I turn around,
drop my drawers,
bend of the table.

and with a smirk,
here she comes!
jabs a finger in,
all the way to my self conscience,
wiggles it around in there,
and finally pulls it out
with a loud POP!

then, she says:
there's some Kleenex 
if you want to wipe off
some of that grease.

I grab a handful
and whip, whip, whip!
I know she thinks its funny.
I sure as hell don't!

and next year?
Colonoscopy time, again!
oh, and that's so much fun!
really, you gotta try it!

and that stuff they give us to drink
the night before?
oh, you just love that crap!
spend half the night on the pot!
get good and empty!

I don't age well!
no, I surely don't!

well, I lied,
but that's not so usual
as I often times lie
when the truth
just get too damned

and that's the truth,
unabridged and everything. 

and you thought
I was just another
sex driven maniac
hung like a mule.

well, that's just another lie.

because I can't stand
dirty clothes
I don't wear any

yes, I am that guy

you should love me,
I'm worth it. 

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