Sunday, October 6, 2013


into that, oh so good night
a million stars
shining, oh so very bright


winds gusting to 50 and 60 mph
temps dropping, drastically 
air filled with dust, thick  
chocking, blinding dust
dirt drifting across roadways 
no photos taken
won't take a camera
out in that mess!

I don't know.
other than that,
I'm good to go.
thought you should know.

their talking snow.
good, let it snow, rain, or whatever!
anything to chock this dust to death!

he's hiding, so he thinks I can't see him....

our willingness to be sheep
while all around us
wolves gather

its not about money!
its never been about money!

its about that guy
sticking in his thumb
pulling out a plum
when what he wanted 
was a strawberry.

and its about living
that American dream,
without a clue
what that dream entails 

and train rails rusting
in sunlit fields of snow

yes, I love you too.
now, go home. 

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