Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Regrets? ya, a few,
but too few to write a book.
yet, too many to simply ignore.
so, pick some middle ground
and stay there.

no sense getting all spooked.
Sunday come Monday,
and all of that.

i find if i need more,
i go where there is more.
and that's that.

don't get all stressed.
don't need more regrets
than i already have.

maybe you do.
do you?
some think its all about love.
do you?

i carry a shovel, just in case.

so many ways religion
betrays the masses
gives sanity pause 

insurrection causes
as a plague surging
society dying, dying. 

neither i, sweat no graveyards
as i find them so much peaceful
i shall lie down there and sleep
eternal rest, so much quietness 
peace for my heart and soul
love thy grave

ah, heck then! ah heck!
they come now
they come, gonna
stretch my neck!
my neck no need no stretchin'!
ah heck then!
gonna stretch my neck!
you bet!

all the grease in the grease gun
is not all grease.
all grease that is grease
is slippery grease

all the grease not grease
is only sticky grease

good grease is slippery
compared to bad grease
that is just sticky,
or sometimes stinky.

and is good for nothing
except baking bread;
greasing bread pans;
also bed pans
if we're so inclined. 

always read directions
before shooting up with grease.
so far there is not law
regarding misuse of grease.
but that could change
should we start getting slippery
and start outwitting ourselves,
consuming grease.

truth and consequences.
what do we have to loose,
except our teeth and  hair?

yes, born again
is a fair assumption,
but does nothing
for our teeth and  hair.

that ship has sailed
and presumed sunk,
and fair to assume
no one cares.

to even assume intelligence
at this particular point in time
would do the world courts
a grievous injustice.

i feel so damned enlightened!
don't you?

Friday, November 22, 2013


tis the season of
the fruitcakes.
fruitcakes making the rounds
between us, you and them.
searching for a home.
searching for love.

finding nothing but
getting their poor little asses
kicked around:
one house to another,
receiving only abuse,

where's our Christmas spirit?
should not good-will-to man
also include fruitcakes?
fruitcakes have the right
to be loved!
to be wanted, needed!
those poor lonely, lowly

where is our compassion?
fruitcakes need to be loved
need to be cared for!
when one appears at your door,
invited it in;
if only for some warmth
on these cold winter days!

surely, we have room in our heart
for a sad, lonely fruitcake
at Christmas time, don't we?
do you part!
find it in your heart!
share your holidays
with a fruitcake.
love a fruitcake, today!

sorry, fruitcake lovers. 
really, I am, okay?

photos; google

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


even without teeth
I'm still the man I was
with teeth

except, now, at Halloween
I'm no longer the bloodsucker 
I was with teeth

one sick mudder!
but, man, the blood,
so rich and red!

drink up, friends, drink up!
no sense wasting
such beautiful red rich blood!

Halloween may come and go,
but we'll always remember
that rich delicious blood!

drink slow; make it last....
all donations welcome....
blood suckers of America;

he's from Florida
she's from Georgia
they met in Alabama
got lost it Tennessee

got married and divorced
in three states
yet to be disclosed

I think she is her
and he is me
but I'm only guessing
at this point in time

could be all a dream
or nightmare
depending on one's point of view
at the time of entry

just have to wait and see
if I wake married or free,
or wake up dead and gone.

doctor, doctor, tell me, please
why I fart
every time I sneeze?

he who sleeps with sheep
grows wool
he who sleeps with sheep
is allergic to wool

tragic, isn't it?

approaching storm clouds
snowstorm moving in
and then snow

I went Trick-or-Treating in a suburb once.
One lady gave me The Look;
One old cuss gave me a hard time;
One beautiful girl gave me the cold shoulder,
And one son of a bitch gave me the willies.

Indigo Heart, "Monolog on Halloween"

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I'm not ungrateful, but
my tomatoes?
you smash my tomatoes?
and my pumpkins?
those too?

what the hell is wrong with you?
don't tell me,
she threw you out again,
didn't she?

and what, you take it out on me?
she should have done
what she always does
when you've been caught
screwin' around:

kick you as and call it a day!
after all, 
she knows perfectly well
you'll can't keep you pants up
while she's away!

sun fighting its way through clouds
after the storm,
and finally breaking through.
although, still struggling
to turn the sky blue.

I now owe more
on my dental work
than I can possibly pay
in one life time.

I am forced to live
'til I'm about 
149 years old,

just to pay off
my dental work.
not taking into account
inflation, and
trips to the bathroom.

I keep my teeth
safely locked away
in a safe with no
so there's no chance
of damage.

I'll take them out,
and finally use them,
when I've paid them off,
in about 100 years, or so!

I mean, gosh, the pigs take a crap
and everyone runs around
screaming cause pig shit stinks.

well, let me tell u something;
pigs think we stink.
and with noses like pigs have,
pigs should know stink.

lame duck splashing
running naked
tail feathers ablaze

but its politics, only
skip to come strip cartoons

alright, this is going nowhere
no one has time
for a lame naked duck

tail ablaze
while fox waits near by

for a taste
for a meal
lame naked duck
very unlucky duck

and the fox waits
what do you wait for?

to love a duck,
or to eat a duck?
why not both?

i see there are plenty of good apples
and not so very many good oranges.
we think, maybe, conspiracy, 
but what we think is not worth a hill of beans.
not even a trip to that hill
where all those beans are located. 
feel free to scream
release your inner joy

when she farts, it never happened.
when I fart, its a felony. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


don't have much to do
but you probably do,
so I won't keep you
with mundane adventures,

non-essential crap
while your're so intent
on having me arrested
for bothering you.

okay, good to know.
I'll let your go.
wouldn't want to get sued.
and certainly not bore you.

I don't know, and that
is just the jest of it.
give or take a dozen.

not knowing how to count,
it's therefore, unfair
to judge
weakness again sin.

should I wake up with
a note from my parole officer,
forcing me to pee 
in a bottle.

in my head, rests a photo
of that blow-up woman
hiding under my bed,

she no longer holds air
as she did
4 thousand blows ago.

I've promised myself
someday I'll win,
and I no longer have strength
blowing up my blow-up woman.

maybe a month of Sundays
throw in a arrogant Monday
throw on some paint
throw out the bums

throw up what won't digest
now we're ready for....
for what?
yet to be determined

but first, we need tighten
what we've let loose
and skin
whatever skins easiest 

whatever won't scream
while skinning it

but I scream
do you? do YOU?
honesty is important here!

so comes winter
rain changing to snow
snow changing to rain
trading places
several times in 24 hours
freezing rain, early morning hours
slippery roads
doesn't seem like very much,
after that Oct 4 blizzard 
record setting blizzard 
history making blizzard

a hug would do it.
anything more,
would be too much.
I'm not that greedy.
just one hug.
we'll do lunch.
I'm buying. 
but I could be lying, so.....