Friday, November 22, 2013


tis the season of
the fruitcakes.
fruitcakes making the rounds
between us, you and them.
searching for a home.
searching for love.

finding nothing but
getting their poor little asses
kicked around:
one house to another,
receiving only abuse,

where's our Christmas spirit?
should not good-will-to man
also include fruitcakes?
fruitcakes have the right
to be loved!
to be wanted, needed!
those poor lonely, lowly

where is our compassion?
fruitcakes need to be loved
need to be cared for!
when one appears at your door,
invited it in;
if only for some warmth
on these cold winter days!

surely, we have room in our heart
for a sad, lonely fruitcake
at Christmas time, don't we?
do you part!
find it in your heart!
share your holidays
with a fruitcake.
love a fruitcake, today!

sorry, fruitcake lovers. 
really, I am, okay?

photos; google

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