Tuesday, November 5, 2013


don't have much to do
but you probably do,
so I won't keep you
with mundane adventures,

non-essential crap
while your're so intent
on having me arrested
for bothering you.

okay, good to know.
I'll let your go.
wouldn't want to get sued.
and certainly not bore you.

I don't know, and that
is just the jest of it.
give or take a dozen.

not knowing how to count,
it's therefore, unfair
to judge
weakness again sin.

should I wake up with
a note from my parole officer,
forcing me to pee 
in a bottle.

in my head, rests a photo
of that blow-up woman
hiding under my bed,

she no longer holds air
as she did
4 thousand blows ago.

I've promised myself
someday I'll win,
and I no longer have strength
blowing up my blow-up woman.

maybe a month of Sundays
throw in a arrogant Monday
throw on some paint
throw out the bums

throw up what won't digest
now we're ready for....
for what?
yet to be determined

but first, we need tighten
what we've let loose
and skin
whatever skins easiest 

whatever won't scream
while skinning it

but I scream
do you? do YOU?
honesty is important here!

so comes winter
rain changing to snow
snow changing to rain
trading places
several times in 24 hours
freezing rain, early morning hours
slippery roads
doesn't seem like very much,
after that Oct 4 blizzard 
record setting blizzard 
history making blizzard

a hug would do it.
anything more,
would be too much.
I'm not that greedy.
just one hug.
we'll do lunch.
I'm buying. 
but I could be lying, so.....

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