Sunday, November 10, 2013


I'm not ungrateful, but
my tomatoes?
you smash my tomatoes?
and my pumpkins?
those too?

what the hell is wrong with you?
don't tell me,
she threw you out again,
didn't she?

and what, you take it out on me?
she should have done
what she always does
when you've been caught
screwin' around:

kick you as and call it a day!
after all, 
she knows perfectly well
you'll can't keep you pants up
while she's away!

sun fighting its way through clouds
after the storm,
and finally breaking through.
although, still struggling
to turn the sky blue.

I now owe more
on my dental work
than I can possibly pay
in one life time.

I am forced to live
'til I'm about 
149 years old,

just to pay off
my dental work.
not taking into account
inflation, and
trips to the bathroom.

I keep my teeth
safely locked away
in a safe with no
so there's no chance
of damage.

I'll take them out,
and finally use them,
when I've paid them off,
in about 100 years, or so!

I mean, gosh, the pigs take a crap
and everyone runs around
screaming cause pig shit stinks.

well, let me tell u something;
pigs think we stink.
and with noses like pigs have,
pigs should know stink.

lame duck splashing
running naked
tail feathers ablaze

but its politics, only
skip to come strip cartoons

alright, this is going nowhere
no one has time
for a lame naked duck

tail ablaze
while fox waits near by

for a taste
for a meal
lame naked duck
very unlucky duck

and the fox waits
what do you wait for?

to love a duck,
or to eat a duck?
why not both?

i see there are plenty of good apples
and not so very many good oranges.
we think, maybe, conspiracy, 
but what we think is not worth a hill of beans.
not even a trip to that hill
where all those beans are located. 
feel free to scream
release your inner joy

when she farts, it never happened.
when I fart, its a felony. 

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