Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Regrets? ya, a few,
but too few to write a book.
yet, too many to simply ignore.
so, pick some middle ground
and stay there.

no sense getting all spooked.
Sunday come Monday,
and all of that.

i find if i need more,
i go where there is more.
and that's that.

don't get all stressed.
don't need more regrets
than i already have.

maybe you do.
do you?
some think its all about love.
do you?

i carry a shovel, just in case.

so many ways religion
betrays the masses
gives sanity pause 

insurrection causes
as a plague surging
society dying, dying. 

neither i, sweat no graveyards
as i find them so much peaceful
i shall lie down there and sleep
eternal rest, so much quietness 
peace for my heart and soul
love thy grave

ah, heck then! ah heck!
they come now
they come, gonna
stretch my neck!
my neck no need no stretchin'!
ah heck then!
gonna stretch my neck!
you bet!

all the grease in the grease gun
is not all grease.
all grease that is grease
is slippery grease

all the grease not grease
is only sticky grease

good grease is slippery
compared to bad grease
that is just sticky,
or sometimes stinky.

and is good for nothing
except baking bread;
greasing bread pans;
also bed pans
if we're so inclined. 

always read directions
before shooting up with grease.
so far there is not law
regarding misuse of grease.
but that could change
should we start getting slippery
and start outwitting ourselves,
consuming grease.

truth and consequences.
what do we have to loose,
except our teeth and  hair?

yes, born again
is a fair assumption,
but does nothing
for our teeth and  hair.

that ship has sailed
and presumed sunk,
and fair to assume
no one cares.

to even assume intelligence
at this particular point in time
would do the world courts
a grievous injustice.

i feel so damned enlightened!
don't you?

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