Tuesday, November 19, 2013


even without teeth
I'm still the man I was
with teeth

except, now, at Halloween
I'm no longer the bloodsucker 
I was with teeth

one sick mudder!
but, man, the blood,
so rich and red!

drink up, friends, drink up!
no sense wasting
such beautiful red rich blood!

Halloween may come and go,
but we'll always remember
that rich delicious blood!

drink slow; make it last....
all donations welcome....
blood suckers of America;

he's from Florida
she's from Georgia
they met in Alabama
got lost it Tennessee

got married and divorced
in three states
yet to be disclosed

I think she is her
and he is me
but I'm only guessing
at this point in time

could be all a dream
or nightmare
depending on one's point of view
at the time of entry

just have to wait and see
if I wake married or free,
or wake up dead and gone.

doctor, doctor, tell me, please
why I fart
every time I sneeze?

he who sleeps with sheep
grows wool
he who sleeps with sheep
is allergic to wool

tragic, isn't it?

approaching storm clouds
snowstorm moving in
and then snow

I went Trick-or-Treating in a suburb once.
One lady gave me The Look;
One old cuss gave me a hard time;
One beautiful girl gave me the cold shoulder,
And one son of a bitch gave me the willies.

Indigo Heart, "Monolog on Halloween"