Thursday, December 19, 2013


sex and a pot to piss in.
what more do we need,
as we face eternity
with our smiles
upside down?

just another
out of work clown
clowning around
wrong side of town.

probably shot down
for clowning around.
buy savings bonds.

for every right
there are two wrongs
and a left


now that we've answered
that age old question....
who is smarter,  men or women?

(if you've forgotten, men)

earth's curvature bears witness
this aggravated truth
and, of course, wisdom teeth
biting down,
ripping off a piece

its timing, timing,
and a fat ass shining.

twenty bucks for this thing?
whatever the heck this thing is?
okay, I'll take two.
just to help the economy, you know?
you should buy two, too!
it's Christmas!
get out  there and buy, buy, buy!

let's just suppose a computer
isn't any smarter
than the idiot running it.

and then just say
my computer is a real idiot.
but only my computer
is allowed to say that.
and it often times does!

how about some plastic flowers?
plastic goes with everything,
and time of day or night.
don't require water.
won't wilt.
last forever and a day.
buy plastic.


and now the Grinch
not only stole Christmas,
dang fool followed through
by stealing the New Year!

Now, 2013 is forced to
continue right on until 2015,
making 2014 calendars
null in void, and no more use
than some butt wipe
in the old outhouse.

stay tuned for further updates
from Grinchville.

and now, a word from our sponsors.
well, don't have any of those, so
guess that's it.

you're kind of cute.
will you be a sponsor?


  1. Replies
    1. well, I'm just lucky, so...thanks, J.

  2. Really made me smile!

    Happy Christmas Richard x

  3. I missed your witty poetry banter Richard - the idiot/computer phrase would be brilliant for a mouse mat!!

    1. yes, well, technology! thanks, Helena.