Thursday, December 12, 2013


she tied me to a chair
and beat me, and beat me
and when she got tired
of beating me

she locked me in the shed
and went out and partied
all night long

when she got home
she tied me to the bed
and used me all up

personally I don't think.
but that cross
is only mine to bear.

and careless to share
what is or isn't there.
perhaps a pill,

for these crippling ills.
a plasmatic soup.
a root canal.

carbonic sins, releasing
joy and temptation
in one giant swoop.

foot in mouth scenario.
pay no attention:
this is only indigestion
requiring a long nap.

I'll say this
and I'll say this once only.
to say more
would infuriate the mass'
to riot

and probably start
a stampede to Walmart.
we have enough of that
to last 'til next Black Friday.

and probably beyond.
so, then, do not accept
false prophets
where prophecies
lead straight to hell

okay, that Geico pig
now that's a cool pig
gotta love that pig
i still love ham
sorry, pig

ya, its winter time.
cold, snow, ice, etc
looks nice, doesn't it?
well, its about 6 degrees F
but, no wind, so
i suppose it is nice.

snowing and blowing
and damned cold!
she's shopping
and I'm keeping car warm
she'll call and I'll
pick her up at the door

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