Thursday, January 30, 2014


it takes forever
to climb forever

without direction,
it takes forevermore

there is a distinct distinction
between those
writing about history
and those living it.

very seldom
do the two agree.
philosophies colliding.
violently exploding.
certainly expanding.

I'm not one of those guys
to stand on the edge
of a cliff and
piss over the side.

no,  I'm one of the guys
standing at the bottom
of that cliff
pissing up and over the top.

yes, I am that good.

you, me, them and they.
and their friends.
now, excuse me,
i need to rest, reset.

I'm not that young anymore.
can't go all night anymore
just because you can.

i need rejuvenate.
give me a break, okay?
maybe someday
they'll have a pill.

ya, that pill!
guy could set the world on fire
with that pill!
willfully willing!

no, don't know what this photo represents.
is it important, it represent something?
if so, why?
okay, if it's that important,
it represents confusion.
and i hope it confuses you.
really, i do.
just the way i am
whenever i'm around you.

A poet can survive everything but a misprint. 

Oscar Wilde


  1. Gigglements again! What a wonderful statement pissing up and over makes!

  2. Love the pairing of the poem and pictures!

  3. Interesting words here, Richard. I definitely agree that there is a difference between living history and writing about it. I am sure sometimes the ones who have lived it wonder what the writer is talking about!!

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    Nice post.

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  5. Welcome Richard:)
    Thanks for the blog follow.
    Me too now following your blogs and subscribed new posts by email submit through feedburner.
    Thanks again :)