Monday, January 13, 2014


well, yes, magic lamp
but not any old ordinary
lamp per Se
not one to rub, by chance
this lamp uses spit
just ordinary everyday spit

just one gob of spit
it goes into hysterics
does anything you ask
just as long
it's not something needed

but no means a useful lamp
just hysterical in nature
and naturally causes warts
and pimples 

yes, spank free zone
we all need one
at least one
more than one
should it be one's butt
develop blisters
our sanity demands it
our freedom at risk
freedom to sit and crap
as compared to standing
to get job done
this is serious
not funny
don't be caught laughing
with your pants down

if we were to go nowhere
and then turn around
and then come back
confirming our loyalty 
those traveling by night
as minutes of day
slip silently through our fingers
with a trickle of blood
marking the way

three toed walli-popper 
common to this area
and this area alone
most of you will never see one
only come out at night
i was lucky enough 
to capture this foot print
if one should actually see one
it's the last thing
one will ever see
and no longer able to pee

often, she asks me
what my problem is?
what's wrong with me?
am I brain dead?

questions like that
i have no good answer 
at least, no right answer

it's all a nasty circle i tell her 
with me going around and around
and her dancing
on what remains of my sanity

Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.

Percy Byshe Shelley


  1. You make me laugh, even though, through the laughter one can surely see reality too! Great write.

  2. It's not just a lamp that's magic but the rest of your poems too! I always giggle or smile the whole way through!