Monday, January 20, 2014


it's the same old story
about the train that didn't come,
but all the people on the train did.

yes, that old story.

the one we're getting tired of.
I know I sure am.
but, alas, no, I didn't come.
well, I wasn't on the train, so...

well, she said I said.
but I was sleeping
when I said it,
so it doesn't count
for nothing.

everything isn't for sale, is it?

sex and 60 cents
what amounts two
on a park bench

hey, it rhymes!
should at least get credit for that!

when i grow up,
i wanna be just like you.

you're so darn special.
i wanna be darn special too!

I demand it, in fact!

oh, yes, yes!
this could get worse!
i expect it will!

don't question why.
just be glad it's not you. 

yes, crap is becoming good
and I'll be right there
lapping it up

like some drunk
with a free run
in some liquor store

that's right!
that's right!
lapping it up!

well, it's closing time
so, time to kiss and make up!

it's a rainbow effect.
counting stars in a starless night.

well, yes, because I can
what other reason could there be?
and if you see smoke
it won't be me, okay?
look to yourself 
find your own place to burn

only takes one of us
breathing in
while the rest of us
breathe out

functional necessity
not so speak of decency

especially reality
as lame as that is
greater minds prevailing

we have a dead body,
but it's breathing, so
doesn't count as a dead body
as a dead body would

It is the job of poetry to clean up our word-clogged reality
creating silences around things.

Stephen Mallarme 


  1. it's always a fun journey to wander through your poetry, but even today, bunches of cool photos. The kitty is so precious!

    1. Thank you, Karen. the cat is BG(brave guy), son of BW(black and white). BW took off for parts unknown, refusing to pay child support!

  2. 'counting stars in a starless night'........that's a cracking line. And one I can relate to in my own particular way!

    1. Thank you, Helena. and Happy Birthday!