Monday, February 24, 2014


expecting honesty 
from a politician
is right up there with
sharing a burger
with a bear
expecting the bear
to share equally
that burger

well, it's just plain stupid
sharing a burger
with a bear
when we can feed
the bear
a politician

so the bear gets a tummy ache,
so what?
so the bear gets the runs,
who cares?

politicians have the same effect
on we, the people!
but add a headache!

i see an audit in my future.....

spring will never look as good
as it will this spring.
providing winter gives up
by spring
and does not linger
well into summer
which would really be
a bummer

do rich people fart?

why does it always seem to be
blond women
that bite the hardest?

that know where to bite
to make it hurt the worst,
yet feel so good bitten
by a blond woman?

little kids playing by construction site!
a very active construction site!
where are their parents?
parents are sitting in parking lot,
not even watching their kids!

put some happy
in our underwear
and just go from there
and share
some happiness
down under there
whenever and anywhere
be fair
share your underwear

Poetry is when emotion has found thought
and the thought as found words.

Robert Frost

old man winter
that old man winder
keeps on snowing'
keeps on blowing'
that mean old winter
temps keep dropping
heat bills rising 
that old man winter
just won't leave us alone!


  1. Oh my goodness, lots of honesty in this post! I really enjoyed it, so much in fact I have to go back and see it again. Great captures as well. You always know how to make me laugh too, and your idea of feeding bears, rocks!

    1. Thank you, Karen. get all that snow moved yet? more coming!!

  2. Okay, twice was still nice! Time to put some happy in my UW and move on now! Hehehehe!

  3. Gee, - I like the idea of feeding politicians to bears.....I would happily round up a whole bunch of them!

    I'm a strawberry blonde by nature so I guess I'd only bite half as hard....LoL

    1. Thanks, Helena. Strawberry blond? guess it would hurt only half as much, and feel half as good.....