Sunday, February 9, 2014


just stuff it, stuff it then.
should mood suit,
go ahead, stuff it again.
and again.

should need arise,
but be not surprised 
should stuffing
get you arrested

and the test?
always a frickin' test!

i hate you
i can't stand you
but i love you
so come over here
so i can kiss you
before i shoot you
because i hate you
can't live without you
and I'll love you forever
and I'm through with you
and I'll screw you
just to prove
my love for you is true

since doughnuts know my name
and pester me mercilessly
i shall accept no blame
for my obesity

doughnuts, please release me
my name should not appear
in an obituary 
before time is through with me

with so many doughnuts
for me to choose
giving this old fat boy the blues
do doughnuts love you, too?

we should write like
we don't care
what other people think
about our writing.

that way, whatever we write
might actually 
be worth reading.

running out of luck
running out of time
running out of reason
making life rhyme 

she didn't believe me
when i lied and cried
next time i lie
i won't bother to cry

I'll save the crying
for the beating I'll get
when i lie

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