Saturday, February 15, 2014


yes, when we are young
pride enslaves us
blinds us to truth
what freedom really means

and when we're older
always something in our past
eventually comes back
and bites us on the ass
reminding us
of our wasted youth

politics may very well
be the death of us
in end of all things
right or wrong
left or right

we have become slaves
to rituals of our youth
as our brain-washing
dictates our future
win or loose 

yippee-kiyay, yippee-kiyay
been that kinda day
yippee-kiyay, yippee-kiyay
splendid kinda day

yippee-ki....ya, ya, ya!
enough, already!
go take a nap boy!
sleep if off!

the strip tease
ya, okay
what's a guy gonna say?
except, maybe
more, more, more!
so, ya, a guy.
but, for me,
they put it on, put it on!
should be laws,
equalization laws,
all guys built the same!
but, no!!
damn it, not even close!
some guys
they do have brains!

the pink room,or
some will call it
the crazy room.
or grunt/groan room.

but only a buffoon
should have enough room
thinking maybe
this poem over soon

but no, not soon
at least not soon enough
for sin to notice
love has left the building
chasing Elvis's ghost

Perhaps no person can be a poet,
or can even enjoy poetry,
without a certain unsoundness of mind. 

Thomas Babington Macaulay 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Humbird. hope you're having a good weekend.

  2. Oh definitely requires a degree of unsoundness of mind to be a which case, you must be quite mad because this is pure genius!
    I Love it :)

  3. In my opinion poets are beautiful people having a very normal mind. They use it creatively.
    Good post, Richard. Enjoyed it :)